We are ahead of the whole planet

Russian President V.V. Putin decided not to enter into a debate with candidates for presidential elections, but beat rivals in a big way – an epoch-making speech in the format of a message. Formally, it was intended for the Federal Assembly, but actually for the whole planet. At least that's how a number of journalists in the US and their hostile media reacted to this speech. True, their comments both in the press and on TV are lost in topics more topical for Americans: the scandal with the receipt of Melanie Trump of the elite "Green Card", which is given for outstanding abilities (the so-called "Einstein's visa"), and the approaching trade war from Tramp's intention to impose duties on imports of steel and aluminum. In Europe, however, the response to the message was more energetic. Be that as it may, the journalists there decided that the Russian president actually declared war on the West.


Some journalists assured that the main object of the message is the Russian electorate, which is being prepared for the presidential elections on March 18. I think that the supporters of this view are very mistaken. It is obvious even without this message that the current president will be chosen by the necessary majority vote, regardless of the number of the participating mass. Local authorities and their youthful new bosses, whose fortunes depend on the current Guarantor, will make every effort to ensure that the voting went smoothly, i.e. as it should: sums up the election with the right percentages, even if they were drawn to zero. After all, seriously sick Yeltsin won in such polls. Why should you doubt the victory of the current Guarantor? Moreover, the people love him, write poems in his honor, sing songs and simply can not imagine Russia without Him. And all competitors are for the West. Here we also have a democracy with TV procedures. How are you, wicked gentlemen. Russian society has finally reached the level of democracy similar to the West and held real elections. It's not that under the Soviet regime – they voted for the nominated one! Although all competitors also understand that they have no chance, but participation is important. And what fame! All the time in sight, communication with the people, TV ... – though tiny, but a glory. Although no one remembers the competitors of the Guarantor in the previous elections, with the possible exception of Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky. But this is not due to the election, but a constant presence on TV. They also need to the authority. It will be possible to say that such a percentage voted for them, for competitors. Although in reality these "percentages" will actually vote for the current one, and the candidates and the people with their participation will give legitimacy to the upcoming action.

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