N. M. Karamzin and the South Kuril Islands

China through Russian Eyes

Hong Kong is not Xianggang, and Macau is not Aomenitle

Japan: Traditions and Foreign Policy

Polemic notes of a Japanese affairs specialist

China: socialism on the march! 04/23/2016

Japan and the theory of international relations 09/25/2014

In the trap of "Eurasia" 08/27/2014

The theory of international relations with Chinese characteristics 06.27.2013

Japan and China (tourist impressions) 10.20.2010

Academician Titarenko - "Lysenko" of Oriental Studies 08.11.2010

Textbook on foreign policy of Japan, as a mirror of the degradation of Russian japanology 02.02.2009

The wind from the East prevails over the wind from the West, or Tokyo-Beijing-Seoul 08.05.2007

Shanghai sketches on August 25, 2003

XXI century - the restoration of bipolarity, or China's challenge and the US response October 1999

Impressions of China April-May 1999

Scenarios for the development of the situation in East Asia October-November 1998

Subsystem in East Asia: USA-Japan-SVA-ASEAN March 1998

The Myth of the Asia-Pacific 1998

Soviet man: ours in Japan December 1992

Property should be returned to rightful owner 10/14/1992

The place of Japan in the politics of our country January 1991

The Soviet Union in East Asia: Reality and Problems September 1990

Japan: Traditions and Foreign Policy January 1990

Polemic notes of the Japanologist February 1989

The role of financial-monopoly capital in the process of formation and implementation of Japan's foreign policy 1985

Falsification of the history of the struggle of the USSR for peace in the Far East in I93I-I945. in Western bourgeois historiography May 1978

Ways of formation and influence of the pro-Peking lobby in the ruling circles of Japan 1978


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