Integration or reunification?

From Internationalization to Global Integration: Theory and Practice

The contours of the world in the first half of the 21st century and a little further (theory)

The Evolution of the Concept of Security after the End of the Cold War

National interests, national and international security

Bipolarity: a ghost or reality?

Review by Alex Alraf Alex Battler by William Gay and T.A. Alekseeva, eds. On the Eve of the 21st Century: Perspectives of Russian and American Philosophers

Forming world order and integration processes in the modern world

A comparative model of Russian and American capitalism (parts I and II)

Comparative model of Russian and American capitalism (modernity, Part III)

Is the "world government" a subject of world relations?

On the foreign policy of the USA and Russia in the Middle East (Interview Azeri.Today)

Law-abiding US and violator of laws Russia

Putin's Valdai speech as a reflection of Russian if-ism

Theater of the Absurd as a reflection of the law of increasing entropy

Syria and the laws of world relations

The theory of international relations with Chinese specificity

Capitalism and feudalism: who is whom?

Putin's next speech on Russia's foreign policy on the basis of the "soft power" of the American ifbist Joseph Nye-ml.

On modern Marxism (from the Preface to the monograph "Theology" / Science of Peace)

"Military Operation" of NATO countries in Libya, or practice against theory

Forecasts of George Friedman

"Horns and Legs" plus democracy

Fighting hunger in the world means fighting capitalism

Integration or reunification?

N.M. Karamzin and the South Kuril Islands

Conceptual apparatus and research approaches in the theory of foreign policy and international relations

The Caspian region is an emerging knot of international contradictions

Abracadabra, or soft-boiled boots. On the Concept of National Security of Russia

From foreign policy to world relations


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