The Social Laws of Force and Progress

Tourism in the USSR and Russia: a comparative analysis

Relaxation in a bourgeois manner

Why do i do not believe in god?

"Master and Margarita" as a symbol of anti-Sovietism and anti-Stalinism

Who raises the prestige of the country: a scientist or an athlete?

Life: consistent pattern or chance?

Marxism - the science and methodology of knowledge

Cancer is not a sentence, but a diagnosis (2)

Cancer is not a sentence, but a diagnosis (1)

About this, and that (9)

Distinctive features of science

A trip from New York to the Maldives and back. Clouds and glow

Maldives: rest, the Chinese and Chevengur

Letter from the reader

Thinking through the eyes

Congratulation on 8 March

About this, and that (8). On walking on water, tips and bribes and foreign languages ​​

About this, and that (7)

Once again about the genealogy of V.I. Lenin

Science: attack and defense

Mind and conscience, or being determines consciousness

Genealogy of V,I. Lenin

Once again about science and scholarship

Is he or is not he? - That is the question! (note on the "mystery" of Shakespeare)

Politico-ideological dictionary by Arin

Two words "About an honest word"

Modern painting - marasmus in the cube

About this, and that  (1)

Philodoxia philistine and scientific thinking

Rest in ClubMed, or parasitization of the middle class

The triad of life, or what is the meaning and purpose of life?

Carla Aubrey Cradolfer: progress and evolution

Ancient philosophers about progress. Prometheus

Revolution and Progress

Mind and / or beauty of a woman

Philistine and philistine


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