The West and Russia: a dialogue between Alex Battler and Oleg Arin

Of England – without prejudice and without affection

Germany, Donnerwetter!

Strolling in Italy

Spain and Portugal: not in the “golden billion” club, but in a very gilded one

Return to Motherland

On the bench on Broadway 04.11.2016

American poets: Longfellow and Whitman about the meaning of life 09/19/2015

New Year's address of Bob Avakian, chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA 01/23/2014

And what is there in the West? (3) 06.04.2012

Michael McFaul - the new US ambassador to Russia 25.12.2011

Down with capitalism! Long live capitalism! 10/25/2011

And what is there in the West? (2) 09/01/2011

And what is there in the West? (1) 04/13/2011

About that, or impressions about the West 12.09.2010

New York is starving on 27.01.2010

"Reset" of relations between Russia and the USA 31.03. 2009

To see Paris! And forget forever! 01.08.2008

American Burzhu from Mannhattan 09.07. 2008

About England without prejudice, but without love 12.30.2005

Nice: proletarians are not allowed to enter 12.07.2003

Have you ever been to the Bahamas? 2008

Ah, Lutetia, ah Paris 2008

US public opinion on foreign policy 2001

Official US Strategic Doctrines: A Look at the World and Russia 2001

Heritage Fund - US leadership with reliance on the strength of 2001

Spain and Portugal are not countries of the "golden billion", but very gilded 15.03.2001

Germany, Donnerwetter! 10.08.2000

Russian in Immigration 2000

Walking in Italy 2000

"Quality of Life" in the US Armed Forces 09/19/1996

Americanists in the Service of the United States March 1996

America über alles! (or to the issue of US national interests) 30.01.1996

Quebec: lessons for Russia 11/01/1995

They and we are children of different nations 1994/1995


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